TEGRA MEDICAL provides precision machining and contract manufacturing for the medical device industry with core competencies supporting less-invasive devices and spinal instruments and implants. 200,000 sq. ft. of modern manufacturing space (25,000 sq. ft. for prototyping) dedicated to precision grinding, laser processing, Swiss-style turning, CNC milling/turning, EDM, stamping, wire/tube forming, electrochemical machining, insert molding, gun drilling, needle pointing, finishing, cleanroom, assembly and packaging in four manufacturing sites:  Boston/Memphis/Costa Rica. ISO 13485:2003/9001:2008, FDA registered; QSR compliant.

Tegra Medical’s capabilities for medical

device manufacturing include:


Cleaning and finishing

Cleanroom assembly and packaging

CNC milling and turning

CNC Swiss machining

Design for manufacturability and assembly

Electrical discharge machining

Electrochemical machining and deburring


Insert molding

Laser cutting

Laser marking

Laser welding

Needle pointing

Nitinol shape memory setting

Precision grinding


Quick Wire & Tubing

Specialty Needles


Surface Hardening


Wire and tube forming


DISPOSABLE INSTRUMENT COMPANY manufactures custom metal disposable medical components and devices, as well as a line of standard wound drainage trocars for the medical manufacturer. As components, their devices contribute high value through overall quality including unsurpassed sharpness, smoothness and cleanliness, freedom from manufacturing defects and corrosion, outstanding appearance and reasonable prices. 

In addition to wound drainage trocars, the company manufactures aluminum and stainless-steel products such as laparoscopic trocars, Steinmann pins, K-wires, obturators, tunnelers, introducers, passers, guide pins, bone drills, special suture needles, and cannula/trocar assemblies.  The company also offers prototyping services for product development.

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